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    Health Records. Prescriptions. Lab Reports.
    All your important medical information in one App.

  • Change the way you handle Medical Emergencies.

    Your most valuable aid in case of an emergency.
    Because emergencies don't come with a warning.

  • Change the success story of your Corporate Wellness Programs.

    One app to help you create brilliant Health Programs for employees.
    Using statistics that matter.

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Technology That Inspires

Healthcare takes a step forward with Fitastik!

Data Analytics
24 X 7 Access
Highly Secure

Launched in 2015, Fitastik is a complete health management solution company based out of Gurugram. The company is promoted by Aamoksh One Eighty Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. with an interest in healthcare & hospitality. Fitastik is a cloud-based platform that takes charge of your entire medical information management on a single app. You can easily store all your health records and data in a secure place and access it by just tapping on the app. The process is convenient. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of data, Fitastik follows modern security measure to ensure complete security of data. It’s a cloud-based platform with 256-bit transfer encryption protocols.

What Makes Us Different

Stay Ahead Of The Times

Emergency Profile

Prepare yourself for unpredictable tomorrows. Create a quick-to-access profile with all critical information, accessible to family, friends and doctors in case of an emergency.

Digitised Data & Analytics

Scan and keep all your medical records and hard-to-remember health information on a single app, presented using health charts.

Highly Secure

Secure cloud servers host your health data with 256-bit transfer encryption. Encrypted data transfer, secure website and complete privacy for your peace of mind.

24/7 Access

It’s all about making health management easy. Your health information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime you want.


Sumer Datta

Sumer Datta

Sanjay Lakhotia

Sanjay Lakhotia


Fitastik features

Why Choose Fitastik

Why to choose us

When it is about healthcare, it’s about being able to access your health records without any delays. No matter which part of the country your are in, no matter what time, or situation, there’s an app with all your medical records in one place. Access it from anywhere, everywhere!

How many times do you lug those medical binders and end up losing some. You can now keep all those critical medical records and prescriptions handy, on an app that saves it all for you.

Allergies, tests, blood reports, doctor’s appointment, health notifications, There’s one app for all of those important documents. Whether it’s about you or your family, now there is one place to go to!

You can download the app today for free! Get yourself covered for some of the most premium services by paying just Rs 600 for a complete year. One umbrella that ensures your health management system is in your pocket at all times.

The app is a complete solution to give you actionable health data and statistics that help you track and understand your medical records better. A perfect way to have key insights on your overall wellbeing.

Now share your health reports and records, with anyone and everyone you want. Tag families, friends, your doctor, or anyone you want to allow access to. Isn't that the simplest solution to healthcare there could ever be?


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